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The most important first 2-3 seconds of the video. They determine if the viewer will want to watch a video.

Product features

Presentation of the problems a product solves as well as depicting its features.


CTA – Call To Action, it provides a customer with a message leading them to taking a desired action.


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4x return on investment for the campaigns

The goal of the video campaign was to show the ease with which you can use an IPL epilator as well as the epilation results that the customers of the brand could achive on their own at home.


Sales boost and lower advertising costs.

The conversion rate of PCC ads increased when the videos were added – resulting in sales boost as well as lower advertising costs. The brand achieved a favorable ACOS for the PCC campaign.


Increased products sales on
Amazon by 23%

Client feedback: „The video definitely increased our sales on Amazon – by as much as 23%. The video was posted on Amazon, but will also be used on other platforms. I can definitely recommend others to work with Vidsdeal. „

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